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Ultimate outdoor companion: best bottlebottle water jug

Ultimate outdoor companion: best bottlebottle water jug

Every time you go camping, you have to bring dozens and dozens of mineral water or juice, which is heavy and inconvenient, and throwing away plastic bottles will also pollute the environment, so you can try bottlebottle half gallon water jug. we aim to keep your drinks cold or hot for a long time, and its excellent insulation function makes it a good companion to stay hydrated on the go.


Amazing: this water jug has a built-in straw with a large carrying handle and a dual-purpose lid!

Bottlebottle half gallon water jug’s dual purpose lid comes with a built-in straw, so you don't have to twist off the whole lid, just open the straw mouth and you can easily drink your beverage. In addition, the lid has a large handle that makes it easy to carry and lift the bottle, so even if you're driving, you can just open the straw mouth and lift it up to drink. This water jug also equip a special water jug bag to free your hands in hiking or long walks.

PS: The built-in straw is removable and easy to cleaning. Please remember to remove the straw when using the bottle for hot drinks to avoid damage to the straw from high temperatures.

bottlebottle water jug with straw dual-use lid

Excellent: the wide mouth design of this water jug

The wide mouth of the Bottlebottle half gallon insulated water jug is not only easy to clean, you can even easily put in ice cubes and various large pieces of fruit. If you like to make your own cold drinks, with this wide mouth water jug, you can just use it to make your own special drinks and add ice cubes and your favorite ingredients to the water jug.


bottlebottle wide-mouth insulated water jug

Great: this water jug is highly insulated!

Bottlebottle half gallon insulated water jug comes with high performance insulation. It could keep your drink cold for up to 48 hours and insulated for up to 24 hours. If you're going on a short trip or camping, you don’t need a refrigerator or microwave, this water jug will keep your drinks and food fresh.

bottlebottle water jug with great insulation 

Wow: Such a large capacity

Bottlebottle insulated water jug comes with half-gallon capacity, equals 64oz, making it ideal for short trips or hiking. with this 64oz water bottle, allows you to carry enough water or your favorite beverage to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

 bottlebottle half gallon water jug insulated

Anyway, if you're looking for a quality insulated water bottle, why not consider the bottlebottle half gallon insulated water jug? An excellent companion to keep you hydrated and carry on.